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From the production to our customer service, at Vertilux, environmental friendliness is a guideline for us. From the impact of our work, to the product we create, there is a chain of hard work we do everyday to maintain a healthy planet. Vertilux’s philosophy is grounded in a belief that we should be pioneers in our industry in implementing our global environmental program. To do this, we concentrate on environmental innovation. We believe that our accomplishments illustrate this commitment. We are continually improving the environmental quality of our products, to assure they are safe for our employees, consumers and the environment.

From the early stages of design through manufacturing, use, recycling and the very last stage of disposal we consider how we may impact the environment, and take into consideration what may improve our planet, either by reducing, or preventing any harm to the planet.

Product Design
Vertilux is known for creating a wide range and variety of colors of our fabrics, but technical leadership goes beyond what is within the box. How we affect the environment is as important as the innovation we offer. We are continually improving the environmental quality of our products, to assure they are safe for our employees, consumers and the environment.

Historically, Vertilux spent a portion of its profits as funds for research, development and innovation. This percentage allows us to provide high level in our fabrics. We work hard to provide you the best product with minimal harm to our planet.

As another example, we provide our Bambu Woven Wood, from materials proven to grow as fast as 48 inches in a period of 24 hours, avoiding the increasing deforestation our world is suffering. This selection of a rapidly renewable resource is an indicative of our commitment.

Responsible Manufacturing

Vertilux helps to safeguard the environment, and our consumer’s safety, by restricting the use of environmental harmful compounds in our materials. Our products have acquired several certifications such as the Oekotex® Standard 100, which regulates every chemical in our fabrics. It certifies that they are not dangerous for the consumer’s health nor the environment. The Oeko-tex Standard 100 also assures that we are offering:
  • Production Ecology: Involves every effect of the production process of the man in the environment. Such as the water consumption, waste treatment, etc.
  • Human Ecology: Is concerned on the effect textile may have on the consumer's health at the moment of using the fabrics.
  • Performance Ecology: It certificates the use of textiles when in use and the washing, dry-cleaning or general caring of the textiles and the environment.
  • Disposal Ecology: Relates to problems involving the disposal of textiles.
For the fabrication of our popular Itaca fabrics, we compress and recycle our cotton avoiding the consumption of new fibers.  
Over the years, Vertilux has taken a holistic approach to recycling and encompassing products’ entire lifecycle.

As a strong example of our commitment to Earth, we manufacture some of our most popular fabrics and their wide range of colors from recycled cottons. We found a way of compressing different cottons and transforming them into the threads we use to create our vertical fabric. This avoids not only the use and consumption of new cotton, but also improves the quality of the fabric. By processing the cottons beforehand, we create a compound good enough to provide an excellent dimensional stability, and natural enough to maintain the look, quality and feeling of a natural thread.

Vertilux´s Responsible Disposal
In addition, Vertilux does not overlook the waste management in our plants and offices. We deeply care about our environment, and we transmit it to every person in our team. We have launched programs overseas to improve our commitment to the environment. We support the use of resources and strongly and actively encourage recycling, reuse and composting of each product. From Europe to the Americas, we promote worldwide the importance of recycling and maintaining our soils and waters to be clean and free of any harmful substances.



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